May We Dance Upon Their Graves

Incest Survivors, Spirituality and Ceremonies of Justice – the story of a woman living a rich, fulfilling life while waiting to dance on her sociopath father's grave.

Feminist Vitamins

I’ve been telling my friends that coming back from my week at camp I feel like I’ve had a megadose of ultra-strength feminist Mother Earth vitamins. It’s not like I”m … Continue reading

August 29, 2009 · 4 Comments

The Bear

So I figure I’ve got grieving nailed down now. At the retreat this week I had several gut-shaking cries that were very cleansing. In a wierd way, I like grieving, … Continue reading

August 26, 2009 · 4 Comments


Hi there, I’m going on vacation for a week, to a women’s Pagan retreat. Apparently there will be lots of singing, dancing, art and skinny dipping  in the lake. I’m … Continue reading

August 15, 2009 · 6 Comments

Calling the police

We’ve called 911 twice today. Earlier tonight, I left my house to walk my dog up the street. I walked about half a block and saw a man walk toward … Continue reading

August 8, 2009 · 4 Comments


My brother sent me quite a long reply this morning. He’s concerned that I haven’t ‘moved on’ after all this time and might still be in victim mode. He fully … Continue reading

August 5, 2009 · 6 Comments


Anger is not my strong suit. And since my body stores my anger, the only way to keep the anger in my body is to hold my body still. Today, … Continue reading

August 4, 2009 · 8 Comments

Email I just sent my brother

Here’s the text of an email I just sent my brother. In my therapy session today, it came up that my father stole all my support from me by doing … Continue reading

August 4, 2009 · 2 Comments

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